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  1. Wikinger: European Theater of War

    Wikinger is a modification of Company of Heroes 2, it has a strong focus on historical realism while working to maintain game balance.

    Our goal is to have a game for players who appreciate historical facts, that can also be fun for the regular player as well.

    We take our work very seriously and are committed to improving Wikinger day by day, month by month and year by year.

    A lot of the intensive modding has now been done and we are entering a new era for Wikinger: European Theater of War.

    We trust you will enjoy the fruit of our efforts.
    By Mongalong


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  2. Spearhead Combat Overhaul

    - Deadlier Weapons: Greatly increased weapon damage and range across the board. Anything and everything has a potential chance to kill if used correctly. Automatic weapons can tear through multiple targets, artillery can pulverize multiple squads if left unchecked.

    - New Units: More units available such as the 3.7cm Pak 36, or the Bazooka-wielding Anti-Tank Squad for Americans. No faction will be left out entirely in a certain playstyle, such as defense, or tank combat, but neither do they all function the same.

    - Redesigned Combat: Infantry is a game of tactics, you as the commander are responsible for their survival in battle. Armor combat is a much more dangerous game. The tank with the better gun or thicker armor will quickly splatter the smaller tank, using coordinated attacks and flanking is crucial, especially for Allied tanks. Accuracy may be effected by movement, crew experience, while reload times may depend on the placement of the ammunition storage within the tank.

    - Doctrines: These are available as a means to provide more flexibility and options over the vanilla commanders in the form of abilities that complement playstyle, new units, and more. Choosing a doctrine (Company, Regiments, Tactics, Division, Corps, respectively.) from the HQ is recommended.
    By Achronos 


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